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Lorraine Papart represents companies and their representatives, as well as private individuals, suspects or victims, and acts as counsel in criminal and civil proceedings.

Lorraine Papart law firm provides a complete and global legal advice service.

Therefore, every case benefits from a personalised approach, which depends on the issues at stake.

A slanderous article, a commercial denigration, an accusation, or an examination requests not only a legal advice strictly based on the nature of the facts but also a general reflection about the various legal implications and the consequences on the image.

Every case will be thoroughly analysed to ensure a deep study of the possible impacts in different legal area, such as tax, commercial, labour and media law.

Lorraine Papart law firm’s activity is focused on business criminal law and media law.

Having an international background, in particular Italian and French, Lorraine Papart has developed a particular experience representing Italian companies and their managers.

Lorraine Papart


Lorraine Papart law firm advises in the following sectors

Corporate criminal law

Corporate administrative liability

Workplace health and safety

Tax offences

Media Law

Defamation, libel, slander

Internet protocol requests

Offences against privacy

Collective law suit

Aviation law

Air transport passengers’ collective defence

International private law and Community law

Civil and labour litigation

Tribunal de grande instance

Cour d’appel

Conseil de prud’hommes


Public speaking engagements

Lorraine Papart is convinced that continuous training and teaching is an essential part of lawyer’s profession. This is the reason why she has been intervening as lecturer in many legal courses.

She has been in charge of courses at the Ecole de Droit de la Sorbonne from 2010 to the 2016.

Criminal procedure

Civil responsibility

Contract Law


Media coverage

Matinale de Europe 1 du 17 janvier 2018 : : à partir de 4 minutes 46 secondes

Academic qualifications

Double BA’s degree in Italian and French law at the Ecole de Droit de la Sorbonne and the University of Florence.

University of Florence

Laurea in giurisprudenza

Ecole de Droit de la Sorbonne

Master 2 Comparative law with Professor Muriel Fabre-Magnan
Master 2 Trial research and practice with Professor Loïc Cadiet
CRFPA (2006)

Professional career

I started my career with Maître Jean-Marc Fédida.

My first experience involved a confrontation taking place in the financial section of the Paris Tribunal de grande instance, representing a client in a famous case of corruption and international terrorism, known as "les frégates de Taiwan".

Subsequently, the Clearstream case began. This "panama papers" case involved many politicians, people from media and entertainment world. I was in charge of the defence of a former minister.

After these two cases, I dealt with matters comprising economic, political and judicial affairs. This experience allowed me to better appreciate the complexity of the legal issues in a trial and during the whole proceedings.

Then, I worked with Maître Waquet and Maître Baraduc, lawyers admitted before the Cour de Cassation and the Conseil d’Etat, the two supremes courts in France. Such experience allowed me to develop many skills, and especially the art of syllogism.

I am grateful for my mentors for their help in the building of my career.



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